Monday - May 17, 2021

Every school year the Corozal Junior College is committed to provide an excellent and holistic education experience to a diverse student population.  Our student population is a cross section of the diverse Belizean economic, religious and social spectrum; as a result, we are mindful that the education experience must be not only to prepare them to function as professionals in the world of employment but also to instill in them the philosophy to contribute positively to the society. Because the Corozal Junior College understands the needs of the students enrolled, our institution tries to create an environment inside and outside of the classroom that is conducive to growth and development.  Our students are thus exposed to not only rich and well-rounded courses but also they are provided with activities and events that give them the opportunity to interact and socialize in a safe and fun environment. Every year our student body of about 600 students is received with great enthusiasm and the following events are prepared for our students:

a.) Back to School Splash- This event marks the beginning of the school year. The students have an evening of fun, music and good company.

b.) Patriotic Assembly- This special assembly is an event that pays tribute to our Belizean heritage. Students have the opportunity to celebrate their Belizeaness through music, dance and speech.

c.) Cultural Extravaganza and tribute- Our Belizean Culture is diverse and rich. This assembly gives us the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate culture.

d.) Christmas Teachers' Assembly- The teachers carry out presentations for students. The presentations are a variety of songs, skits and special items that have the objective of entertaining the students.

e.) The Luau- This event is an afternoon of Hawaiian themed fun.

f.) Movie Night on the lawn- An evening of good company while watching an awesome movie.

g.) Talent Festival- Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and have great fun in the company of their peers.

h.) A Variety of clubs- Students can choose from a club list and determine which one they want to be a part of. Each club carries out activities in which student can partake.



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