Monday - May 17, 2021

The CJC campus consists of three main buildings. As you enter the gates, you will come across the Carlos Castillo building with contemporary design. This building contains 8 classrooms and is the venue for most class sessions.

Approximately 250 feet away is the Raul Alamilla building which houses the Graham Sampson Science Laboratories, one classroom, the conference room, the faculty room and the administrative offices.

The last building is the Jose Mai building formerly known as the ACE building which is near the CCC campus. When CJC was founded back in 1986, this was the first building that was used to carry out class sessions. It is still currently used to deliver classes since it houses 4 classrooms, the primary education resource center and the computer laboratories.

The newest building is the Education building which has 2 classrooms for the primary education program and a faculty room for the teachers in the education department.









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