To apply to CJC you must have a highschool diploma or equivalent, must sit the Atlib examinations and fill out and submit an applicaiton form along with the required documents and application fee. Please refer to the Admissions Requirments page for more details. www.cjc.edu.bz/admissions/admission-requirements
THe Corozal Junior College offers Accociate level degrees in various categories of study. We are currently offering 19 programs that cover 6 categories. To see what programs we offer please refer to the Programs Of Study page. www.cjc.edu.bz/academics/programs
Student life at CJC is always hype. Every year the institution in cooperation with the SGA plan and organize various events for our student body to attend. You can read more about our student life on the student life page. www.cjc.edu.bz/about/student-life
Studnet parking is avaibale just outside of the campus. Students who drive to school can enjoy the convenience of close parking.
CJC has its own cafeteria which offers a variety of fresh meals daily to students. Breakfast and Lunch is available on campus. Students can also buy food from the snack bar that is on the west side of the campus.
Most of the programs offered by CJC can be completed within a period of 2 years. Some programs may require an internship which will add an additional semester to their program. To find out how long it would take to complete a degree please refer to the programs page, find your programs and look for how many semesters your program has. www.cjc.edu.bz/academics/programs
Students can access computers on the campus to do school related work through our open lab program. Students can access computers at either the Naum Lab (during Open Lab Sessions) or at the Library.
Students can catch a taxi from Corozal Town or walk to the campus. Students coming from orange walk can take the bus that leaves at 6 am from the Central Park and returns in the afternoon.
CJC loves sports! Our institution has several sporting teams such as basketball, football, softball and volleyball which compete at the varsity level. Students can join a sports team by trying out during the tryout season.